I know how to solve your unwanted hair issues because I have been successfully working with people, just like you, for over for over 20 years. Whether you are a Confidently referred by local Dermatologists and Kaiser Permanente, if you are visiting here, you've found your solution.

By appointment only, you can reach me at 714-658-0825
Serving Long Beach, nearby Los Angeles communities and Coastal Orange County.

Electrolysis is a simple process that removes the hair from the root. Unlike other temporary hair removal methods, electrolysis gets to the 'brain' of the hair and destroys it. 

What makes electrolysis different than laser? 

Laser hair removal, relies totally on contrast. If the hair is light, or sparse, the laser will not sense it. Furthermore, if you are prone to freckling, hyper-pigmentation or  tan easily, you will not be a candidate for laser hair removal.

Perhaps you've had limited or no success with lasers-- or are not a candidate for the process.  Maybe you're just tired of the tedious daily tweezing,  shaving or painful threading. Maybe you're tired trying to manage your life around your unwanted hair issues. 

I can design a treatment plan for you, with your unique needs in mind. 


By appointment only. Located in Long Beach Beach. Convenient to surrounding Los Angeles County cities, and Coastal Orange County.

Los Altos Medical Center
1777 North Bellflower Avenue
Suite 105
Long Beach, California 90815

Or by email: electrolysisbycindy@gmail.com



I’ve been going to Cindy for my electrolysis for a few years now…she does my chin and upper lip…Waxing was not an option for me, I’m in my 40’s and as we get older our skin thins and waxing just over exfoliate and not good for my skin especially as we get older…never got a rash or break outs from the service…never regretted my decision…She tweezes my eye brows again waxing is pretty harsh on your brows women my age…I call Cindy the “Brow Goddess” yes that is what she is…

She’s very professional and that is what I love about her…

Suzanne C.


Cindy is the best electrologist in the business. She is a very sweet and kind person who makes you feel right at home starting with your first visit to her office. She is a perfectionist and always leaves you hair free and feeling wonderful about yourself when you walk out the door. Cindy liberated me from the razor and I will always be grateful for that!


Jakki H.


I  have always suffered with excess facial hair. I have tried numerous methods of hair removal/disguising - shaving, tweezing, hair removal creams and bleaching - all to no avail. Meeting Cindy and  having electrolysis has transformed my life! I am no longer self conscious meeting people and do not worry about bright lighting emphasizing any stray hairs. The treatment is painless and takes place in a calming, tranquil setting. In addition, Cindy is a wonderful person - always bright and cheerful and someone who has become a great friend to me.


Carol C.


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